Women in Technology Mentoring Programme

Reed has extensive experience advising organisations on how to be more inclusive and helping them attract and appoint a diverse pool of people to their technology roles. We recognise that more needs to be done to increase representation of women across all areas and levels of the technology industry.

Through our free mentoring programme, we can help you develop yourself and your female team members to support, and nurture the technology talent of the future.


How can the programme help you?

Our Women in Technology Mentoring Programme aims to equip you, or members of your team, with the knowledge and skills to progress and flourish.

Through Reed’s programme, women at any stage of their technology career can connect with an external mentor offering tailored guidance and support, helping mentees to realise their potential and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Mentees and mentors can be matched by our experts, or via the self-service on our platform.

Benefits of the programme include invaluable mentoring, networking and personal development opportunities.



How joining the scheme could benefit your business

A mentorship programme shows that your company really cares about its employees, both encouraging a sense of loyalty to your business and aiding employee retention.

Reed has extensive experience advising organisations on how to be more inclusive and helping them attract and appoint a wider range of professionals to technology leadership roles.

Kevin Dainty, Head of Executive Search and ED&I Champion for Reed’s technology division explains the benefits of Reed’s Women in Technology Mentoring Programme.

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What’s involved?

Overall, we offer rolling enrolments, ongoing support for a 12-month initial period with a minimum of one session per quarter – although most mentors and mentees build such a rapport that they meet once a month and continue to meet for longer than the first year.

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Organisations that support the scheme receive free marketing promotion, either for co-hosting our events or signing up to the programme.  Letting others know you are part of this scheme will improve your employer brand.

With 72% of professionals driven by career advancement, offering external mentorships will significantly boost your employee value proposition. You will help your employees work at their full potential and attract the best talent in the technology sector to your company. As well as helping to boost female interest in the technology sector.

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Mentoring is not simply one-sided – becoming a mentor allows senior managers access to a fresh perspective, through mentees who are often from a different generation or background.

External mentoring can also help to grow your network. Our workshops and meetups provide an important opportunity for the wider mentoring community to get to know each other, share experiences and develop new skills.

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With so few women in the sector, opportunities to find female role models are incredibly rare. Access to Reed’s growing network of women in technology makes it easy to find someone who has walked a similar path to you, who can actively support you.

And, having a mentor from outside your organisation gives you a neutral and objective confidante to share any concerns with. This will help reduce your feelings of isolation, build your confidence and progress towards your long-term career goals.

Through this programme we have...


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Reed have partnered with Guider to give everyone access to the career development they deserve. Guider's mentoring and coaching platform connects those looking to learn and grow through the Reed Women Technology Mentoring Programme with the most relevant people who are ready to offer their time to help. Built with effective mentoring at its core, the platform guides users through their mentoring relationships; tracking progress, goals, and feedback. With integrated video chat, calendar scheduling and email messaging, Guider also streamlines the communication process between mentors and mentees, allowing them to focus on getting the most out of their relationship.


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